Jump, Little Children

Sunday September 23rd 8:00PM


Jump, Little Children Album Release Party featuring special guest- Michael Flynn

Jump, Little Children

A new Jump, Little Children album will drop on September 14, 2018. The band will also launch a multi-city tour throughout the Southeast, major cities of the Northeast, and Chicago this Fall. Visit for tickets, and follow their adventures @jumplittlechildren on both Facebook and Instagram.

The decision to record again was made after several successful “reunion” tours, with many of their shows selling out in minutes. Members Evan Bivins, Matt Bivins, Jay Clifford, Jonathan Gray, and Ward Williams realized it wasn’t enough to gather occasionally; they’d missed each other and their enthusiastic fanbase. A PledgeMusic campaign began in January 2018 to fund their 5th studio album and reached over 100% of its goal by April. The project, featuring behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, gifts from the band’s archive, and special merchandise, is still live at:
Ten years of life experiences have given substance and texture to the twelve newest Jump, Little Children songs. Lead singer and songwriter Jay Clifford says that the new album’s title track “Sparrow” speaks to the concept of returning to what you love. Sparrow is not a throwback album in any way, though loyal listeners will hear nods to the band’s Celtic music origins, the heavier distortions of Magazine, orchestrated and dark elements of Vertigo and the loops and electronic noises found on Between the Dim and the Dark.

The band is ever-grateful to its fans, a true community that remained friends and showed up in full force when asked to help fund the album. “We’ve been in a constant state of surprise,” says multi-instrumentalist Matthew Bivins, “Surprised that the fans were still ready and waiting for our return after ten years. Surprised that they’ve continued to attend shows and connect with us online. Surprised that they so enthusiastically rallied behind this new album. We love surprises, and we love our fans. We truly would and could not be doing this if it weren’t for them.”
The question is whether this new music will attract new fans. In a musical landscape that now includes the anthemic acoustic ballads of The Lumineers, the accordion and flute pop of The Decemberists and banjo-based punk of Mumford and Sons, will Jump, Little Children’s once left-of-center art pop appeal to a generally more eclectic taste? The band hopes so, confident they’ve created something for every era of Jump fan with Sparrow.

“It’s definitely a ‘listening album’,” says Ward Williams, who plays cello and guitar. “There are songs that will fit in between Portugal. The Man and St. Vincent in a Spotify playlist. But as a whole it has an arc to it, a specific feeling from start to finish. Starts off a little frenetic, settles into a ‘vibe’, gets a little weird for a minute, and ends with something so pretty and…hopeful”.

This “vibe” is in great part due to expert production from longtime collaborator Josh Kaler (Heather Nova, Paris Monster, Matthew Perryman Jones), one of the band’s dearest friends and favorite musicians. Josh and Jay Clifford formed the production studio Hello Telescope in the mid-2000s; the two musicians were business partners until Kaler relocated to Nashville. There, he teamed up with Owen Biddle (Mister Barrington), a fellow Berklee alum, former member of The Roots and general wiz at all things that beep and bloop. The majority of the album was produced by Kaler and Biddle, with additional production provided by friend Jake Sinclair (Weezer, Sia, Panic at the Disco) in LA, and hometown wunderkind Wolfgang Zimmerman (Susto, Band of Horses) in Charleston, SC.

OCTOBER 3rd 2018

Emily Kinney


Emily Kinney, with Paul McDonald

October 3, 2018 8:00 PM

ADVANCED Public Onsale: August 10, 2018 10:00 AM to October 3, 2018 8:00 PM
PRESALE / PRESALE VIP Artist Presale: August 9, 2018 10:00 AM to August 9, 2018 10:00 PM

Emily Kinney is a little too old to be daydreaming in the back of a classroom, soaked in unrequited love for a guitar player in a pop punk band she used to watch on MTV, but on Oh, Jonathan, Kinney’s upcoming release, she just can’t seem to help herself.

It’s been a couple years since Kinney’s last album, “This is War” and she’s been using the time both professionally, in acting and music, and personally to mature and explore.

In acting, Kinney’s transitioned from her young role as Beth Greene on AMC’s hit tv show ‘The Walking Dead,’ where her music and singing were often featured, to more mature roles in shows like Masters of Sex, Ten Days in the Valley, and to her current gig as an emotional, tenacious mother of a young girl battling cancer in the upcoming Netflix series Messiah.

In music and life, Kinney’s path to adulthood has been a little less straightforward. “After I got done touring with This is War, I was tired from traveling so much. There were a lot of opportunities coming off of The Walking Dead, and I started to feel a little like I was on a hamster wheel and not always making the best creative choices, I was just saying yes to whatever opportunities came my way. There was also a lot to learn about the music business. I often felt in the dark making decisions. I wanted transparency. Then, my little sister, who’s seven years younger than me got married, and I started to notice the gray in my Dad’s hair. Even though I had been traveling the world and doing all these things, I felt like I was the one who was stunted.”

You can hear Emily’s plea for adulthood in one track on the album, “Popsicles.”

“I knew I needed to see my family more. I knew I needed a change of direction with my music and a rest. Time was going by a little too fast.

Kinney had always moved at full speed. Heading to NYC from Nebraska at just 19 to pursue a career in music and acting. She started going to auditions she found online and in ‘Backstage’ and would sing back-up for a couple singer-songwriters at places like Rockwood Music Hall, and the now closed Park Slope spot Bar 4. But it wasn’t until she booked ‘Spring Awakening,” her Broadway debut in 2008, that Kinney felt confident to start sharing her own poems and songs which turned into her first EP, Blue Toothbrush, produced by Rod Stewart bassist Conrad Korsch. As Kinney’s acting career progressed, the audience for her music also grew and she continued to release music: a 9 song EP, Expired Love, debut album This is War and a single on 7inch vinyl, Back on Love.

“I started working out of NYC a lot. I would come back to the city for just a couple days and it was great but I had changed and I didn’t feel it fit me the same way it used to. My favorite restaurants or bars closed. It was new bands I didn’t know playing at Rockwood. I had some close friends move to LA, so after tour I got an apartment and moved from NYC to LA too.”

October 13th 2018



A Benefit for

Meow House Cat Rescue

OCTOBER 13th 2018   7pm-2am


It started as a joke name for the event.  Co-founders of NC Local Music: Andy Washburn and Jeff Thomas  both celebrate birthdays a day apart.  In the start they wanted to throw an amazing birthday party with some of their favorite local artists as a way to celebrate birthdays collectively ( Jeff Thomas of JETMEDIANC  Formerly operating Vision Promotional Services) And Andy Washburn (NC Local Music)   teamed up  to help spread the word of some great local artists of various genres.    So the time came around to name the event…  Jokingly “AndyPalooza” was tossed around in discussion  and we thought it’d be funny because “Jeffapalooza” just didn’t have the ring to it, and what do you know… the name stuck.   So all joking aside.  AndyPalooza was born and we use the event as an opportunity to continue to support great music, and oftentimes donating the proceeds to a local charity.
This year we have chosen MEOW HOUSE CAT RESCUE.   To offer a helping hand to cats in need of rescue, provide them with food, love, and medical care, and house them safely until an appropriate forever home is found.


Last year we missed out on doing the event due to busy schedules , and we wanted to resurface and bring some friends together for this event.

Tickets will be available at  and proceeds will help with our Meow House Cat Rescue  fundraiser.   We hope you can join us!

Artists: (click for link)


Venus Invictus



Meow House Cat Rescue

June 16th 2018




June 16th 2018

NC Local Music Benefit for InterAct



Deep South The Bar

InterAct is a private, non-profit, United Way agency that provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault. InterAct fulfills this mission through the support of its volunteers and community.


Music – Prizes – Community – Fun

Music from:
Smoke From All The Friction

Apples and Airplanes

Houda Idrissi


Jason Hoover


BuyTickets#metoo #timesup  be involved in change!


Raffle/Silent auction prizes from:




Cut/Style/Color valued at $150 from Shimmerea Studios


JULY 15th 2017

NC LOCAL MUSIC 10 Year Anniversary

BuyTicketsPre-Sale Tickets are $10   day of show tickets $15

NC LOCAL MUSIC 10 Year Anniversary! And Benefit to support the family of Mike “SWINEZ” Swiney

A wonderful friend of ours Mike “Swinez”  Swiney  recently passed.  Mike was well known in the music scene as an avid supporter, promoter, booking agent, musician  who has worked with hundreds upon hundreds of bands. From local acts, regional acts, and national acts.

Swinez was a near and dear friend of NC Local Music  through his company  SMS Booking & Promo  and we shared many shows, laughs and passion for the music community together.   So we decided what a better way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of NC Local Music, by dedicating our anniversary in honor of our fallen brother.   Proceeds from the event will go to support his family to cover expenses and to help with bills, funeral expenses and to show our love and appreciation for all Swinez has contributed to the passion that is music.

We have organized a great line up of bands that NC Local Music and SMS Booking & Promo have worked with over the years to honor  our fallen brother, and hope that you will be able to attend.  If unable to attend a donation would be greatly appreciated in honor of Swinez to his family.  Kristen and Brody could use our support.

The event will be at The Maywood

July 15th 2017


Only $15

Ages 21+

and will feature the amazing music of:







2017 Benefit Concert for InterAct


Advance Tickets only $8.00


$8.00 Advance Tickets   $15.00 Day of show

InterAct is a private, non-profit, United Way agency that provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault. InterAct fulfills this mission through the support of its volunteers and community.

Jason Hoover
Niki Nocturne
Waking April
SoulShine Give To Live Music Studio



You can donate by Pre-Ordering tickets. Or donating to the Haircut Fundraiser below:



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