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Sat 7/21 2010

Evanescence + Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling / Even

Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
The ladies ran the night. This was a packed event of sheer vocal/lyrical amazement.    The raw emotion and stage presence was awe inspiring and left very little to be desired.  We thank all of the artists for joining the summer concert scene of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Lindsey Stirling took the stage as the amazing champion that she is.  From the North Carolina humidity and crazy heat, to the layers of wardrobe change , a true event  via dance and audible joy.  Never faltering for a moment. Eyes were glued to the stage.  With a full orchestra backing the performance, meanwhile captivating the entire audience through the memorizing  instrumentals..How could one not focus on the talent and emotion?
Amy Lee ( Evanescence)  also backed by the orchestra brought on the emotion.  With that voice, the stage presence , and a very emotional and touching tribute to Chester (Linkin Park) thousands gazed on and wrapped themselves in the love of such a  stellar performance.
Thank you both for coming to Raleigh NC. We will welcome you back anytime (please make it sooner than later)
– Andy W.  – NC Local Music

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Taking it back awhile ….

Art Tatum : Piano Starts Here Dec 8th- 19th  2010 at The Kennedy Theater

ART TATUM: PIANO STARTS HERE. The one man show stars Trevor Johnson as Doc Hanley, is directed by Jay O’Berski, and written and produced by Jeffrey B. McIntyre.


What can I say? This was truly an amazing performance. Trevor Johnson truly makes you believe that he is Doc Hanley. Doc, a Bartkeep, landlord of sorts, music enthusiast, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer fan, and passionate loving human being tells the story of music, racism, war, and the story behind Art Tatum, as well as many other classical jazz musicians of the Thirties and Forties – beautifully told stories that will make you laugh, cry, and ponder life, all rolled up into this amazing show. It is truly indescribable and amazing! I definitely would recommend you go see this as soon as you can, for it will only be in town until December 19th, 2010.


This play is not only for lovers of Jazz music, nor solely for fans of classical. It’s for fans of music of all types. If you share a passion for music and a human heart, this play is simply a must-see – this one man performance with music and visual clips, not to mention: if you get seats up front, he brings you PBR to the tables.



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