Dear Friends,

We are honored to continue with our annual tradition of putting together the annual Benefit For InterAct ! With the Covid pandemic continuing to be a public health issue. We’re urging everyone to be safe and enjoy music responsibly. NC Local Music is still on course to hold our 2021 Benefit For InterAct show, which will also be our 14 year anniversary and founder’s birthday party. We’re hoping to provide you with some quality local entertainment from artists including LaureNicole Michael Daughtry, The Band Next Door, and Undercover.

With that being said, help us support InterAct and the artists involved by donating today! Share with your friends! We can do this together.

Donations can be made through NC Local Music by clicking the Donate Banner. We also have some limited T-Shirts Available (click images for more details)

Thank you all for being a major role in this mission

-Andy Washburn


Click flyer to RSVP

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