AndyPalooza??? October?



OCTOBER 13th 2018   7pm-2am

It started as a joke name for the event.  Co-founders of NC Local Music: Andy Washburn and Jeff Thomas  both celebrate birthdays a day apart.  In the start they wanted to throw an amazing birthday party with some of their favorite local artists as a way to celebrate birthdays collectively ( Jeff Thomas of JETMEDIANC  Formerly operating Vision Promotional Services) And Andy Washburn (NC Local Music)   teamed up  to help spread the word of some great local artists of various genres.    So the time came around to name the event…  Jokingly “AndyPalooza” was tossed around in discussion  and we thought it’d be funny because “Jeffapalooza” just didn’t have the ring to it, and what do you know… the name stuck.   So all joking aside.  AndyPalooza was born and we use the event as an opportunity to continue to support great music, and oftentimes donating the proceeds to a local charity.
This year we have chosen MEOW HOUSE CAT RESCUE.   To offer a helping hand to cats in need of rescue, provide them with food, love, and medical care, and house them safely until an appropriate forever home is found.


Last year we missed out on doing the event due to busy schedules , and we wanted to resurface and bring some friends together for this event.

Tickets will be available at  and proceeds will help with our Meow House Cat Rescue  fundraiser.   We hope you can join us!



Venus Invictus



Meow House Cat Rescue

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