10 Years

NC Local Music would like  to thank all of our supporters, volunteers, fans, faithful attendees,  and in general everyone who SHOWS UP!

Going out to support your local music venue, local original artist really means a lot.

We all have a 9-5 job, blue collar job, desk job, and the stress of the ant race that we all must face, even if it’s the struggle for looking for work, or finding that dream job.


At the end of the day, or even during the day we all can relate to the simple fact that the rhythm the rhyme ,  working the beat so to say.  We all can find that one song, band, artist,  something that no matter how good of a day, bad of a day we may have had.  That song for you, is an anthem, motivator, or just a way to blow off steam or relax.


Music, it’s everywhere we go. Often overlooked. Over judged, criticized, misunderstood, over produced, under appreciated, or any configuration of the multitude of scenarios that are presented to pretty much everyone on a day to day basis.

Whether it be the pounding of footsteps, the clacking of the keys on a keyboard, the beeping of electronics,  sound of machinery, the bustling of the movement of your own body,  the heat or cold of the environment around you.  There is music.


Sure, there is the repetitive 5 songs you hear hour upon hour on the corporate media stations that drive you to like what the sponsors pay you to like, and you will because you hear the same song 5 times in the course of a day.   But there is also your co-worker, who is secretly an amazing artist, that will be playing this weekend for a fraction of the cost of that band or “artist” you heard on the radio, and most likely is even better, and they’ll probably give you an autograph and take a photo with you for #Snapchat #instagram #facebook #twitter   faster than ever, and you can have twice as much fun.


Let’s sum this up and say. If your co-worker is inviting you to their show, why not give it a try? You may have found the next big band and had a great time.  Maybe you get invited to VIP passes and backstage access the next time they’re in the COUNTRY.

Support your local music is the summary of this .

“The Ones Who Run The World, Are The Ones Who Show UP”

-Andy Washburn

NC Local Music

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One thought on “10 Years

  1. So proud of the efforts NCLOCAL MUSIC has made to support Interact and now their good friend that they are holding the benfit for……
    thanks, Andy for doing so much to help these causes….Mom…

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