Being a female in the metal community can be tough. After all, it’s been a boys club for years. But FatalFEMME wants to shake things up a little. We’re here to provide like minded women who choose to live an alternative lifestyle with advice, tips and tricks to all those questions you just can’t ask your band mates because well, you’ll sound like a total girl. And that’s ok, we promise not to tell…


Who we are: As two beloved female vocalists in the local NC music scene, Morgan Riley and Jaycee Clark created FatalFEMME as a way to reach out to girls who are interested in living an alternative lifestyle. We talk to so many girls who want to start or join a band and have no idea where to begin. Girls who are new to the game and are unsure of how to handle those awkward situations that come with being a female musician. And of course there’s always talk about the staying power of eyeliner brands, hair dye, and where the hell we find our stage clothes. By sharing the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained over the course of our careers, we hope to give our fellow sisters a place to feel less alone.

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